Ear Infection Improvement From Chiropractic Care

Ear Infection Improvement From Chiropractic Care
November 19, 2015 familychiromm

Did you know that studies have shown that chiropractic care can help aid ear infections in children? If you have a child who suffers from chronic ear infections, you might be interested in this study performed on children under the age of 5 who suffered from chronic ear infections, and their results after seeking chiropractic treatment.

The object of this study was to determine if a patient’s ear infection improved while undergoing chiropractic care. If it did, how many treatments were needed to see an improvement? Finally, which factors of chiropractic care were associated with the early improvement of ear infections? 46 children under the age of five years old were tested for this study.

The study was done by one single chiropractor. The chiropractor paid close attention to working with the cervical vertebrae, otherwise know as the vertebra immediately below the skull, and the occiput, otherwise known as the back of the head or skull. The doctor used Sacral Occipital Technique-style pelvic blocking or SOT during the treatment. SOT is an indicator-based system that uses the patient’s report of pain and tension at specific locations to guide treatment. The doctor’s own modified applied kinesiology was also used during treatment.

For this study each child’s parents were asked a number of questions. They each stated that the child had no fever, no signs of ear pain, and was totally asymptomatic. A data abstraction form was filled out for each child in the study. A data abstraction form is a standard instrument used to systematically collect data from scientific reports. The form was used to determine number of treatments used and presence of factors possibly associated with early improvement.

The results of the study showed that in 93% of the children the ear infections improved. 75% of those children improved within 10 days and 43% improved in just one or two treatments. What does this mean? It means that this study showed that limiting medical intervention and adding chiropractic care can actually decrease the symptoms of ear infections in young children. The answer is simple, seek chiropractic treatment before reaching for a prescription.