Chiropractic Treats Colic

Chiropractic Treats Colic
March 13, 2016 familychiromm

A recent case study tested the use of chiropractic care to treat colic in infants. The goal was to bring complete resolution to the colic the infants had suffered since birth. Colic can be very uncomfortable and extreme for babies. Finding a treatment to help resolve colic is breath of fresh air for babies and their parents.

The first case involved a 7-week-old male infant presenting with medically diagnosed colic, with associated reflux and disturbed sleep, all of which were persistent since birth. The second infant, aged 10 weeks, had suffered maternally diagnosed colic for approximately 1 month. Associated symptoms included some vomiting and asymmetry with breast-feeding. Both infants demonstrated many typical colic characteristics and had experienced birth trauma. Upper cervical, mid thoracic, sacroiliac and cranial dysfunction was recorded in both cases.

Each infant received custom pediatric chiropractic treatments and manipulation in the areas that were diagnosed as dysfunctional. The treatment lasted 3 weeks but the intensity was different for each infant based on their symptoms.

In both cases their was a complete resolution in colic symptoms for the infants. In these cases chiropractic treatment successfully corrected spinal and cranial motion and it resolved the colic symptoms!

This study proves that it is never to early to bring your baby in for a assessment and that chiropractic care can treat all the symptoms of a colicky baby. If you are looking for answers and you can’t seem to find them, we can help.