Pediatric Chiropractor in Ames

Pediatric Chiropractor in Ames
April 24, 2016 familychiromm
Ames Chiropractic

When a child has a reoccurring health problem it can be exhausting for both the parent and child to suffer and try to find the answers they need to solve the issue. Chiropractic care is usually one of the last avenues parents think to travel when they are looking for answers to reoccurring health problems with their children, but should be the first place parents look. Chiropractic care offers alternative solutions to problems that pediatricians aren’t able to fix. Below is an example of a case study that involved a 12 year old who suffered constantly from sinus infections and it imposed drastically on his life.

A 12 year old boy, since the age of three, has had “non-stop sinus infections every 2-3 months.” Antibiotics were used to control the infections and weren’t working. By the second adjustment, antibiotics were stopped and sinus infection was gone. By the third week of care child was able to carry his head in an upright position. The patient and the parents were thrilled to see the drastic changes.

If you have been searching for answers for a persistent health issue with your child, give us a call. We have alternative solutions that work and we can get your family back to their normal routine in no time.