Wellness Care Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Wellness Care Is Becoming Increasingly Popular
April 3, 2016 familychiromm

Wellness care is a relatively popular topic in health care. Consumers are seeking better ways to prevent the onset of chronic diseases and even the common affects of aging by increasing their use of alternative approaches to getting and staying well including preventing illness.

The most interesting finding is the variable of Health Behavior where 42.1% percent of patients presented to these chiropractor’s offices without a specific focused complaint. These patients either presented for wellness, prevention of illness or perceived they were at risk for injury. This means that though the number of people seeking overall wellness and natural preventive is still lower than we would want, the people who are seeing chiropractors are doing it for overall wellness.

Chiropractic care has proven to help with health and wellness by focusing on your body as a whole. Getting regular adjustments and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine will help keep you living a healthy life and we want to help! Call our office for more information on chiropractic wellness care and start feeling better today!


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